It was great being back at GG’s Yard on Feb 1st for the wedding of Katie and Matt, and a fantastic way to kickstart wedding season for 2020.

One factor which struck me about this wedding was how much laughter there was throughout. This laughter continued well into the evening which made my job so much easier, as there were so many moments throughout the day for me to capture.

Katie had been very excited to get to the beach for their portraits. On the day, the forecast was less than favourable, but a suggestion of changing plans wasn’t an option. As luck would have it, the forecast was wrong and we were treated to a glorious half an hour of sunshine before it set, so despite the biting wind, the couple made it look like they were strolling along the beach in the height of summer. What really made these portraits shine was the connection between the pair, they were able to forget I was there and relax into each others arms. As a result, I was spoiled for shots, and it made standing in the sea with a pair of holey wellies worth every second!

What followed was an evening of food, drink and merriment. They had a cellidh, which had everyone up dancing well into the night.

Thanks to Katie and Matt for letting me be your photographer for a truly memorable day.