Cardoness is a beautiful estate and an excellent location for a wedding.  Sally and David decided to get married in the small Chapel on the beach. For those of you who don’t know the chapel it was built in 1768 and could probably hold 10 people at a squeeze! Despite the occasional shower and threat of rain, the weather played ball so Sally and David were able to get married outside the chapel with their guests seated below on the beach. After the ceremony local piper Chris Henry piped the couple and their guests round to the family’s holiday home, for drinks on the beach.

The evening reception took place in the ‘Games Room’ with Live music and Ceilidh provided by The Flashes a fantastic evening with a very lively bunch!

Definitely one of the most picturesque locations for a wedding and full of personal charm, this was a wedding to remember…Big congratulations to Sally and David.




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