Although I am lucky enough to photograph weddings in lots of different venues across the region and beyond, I have a special fondness for GG’s Yard. Having been at the very first wedding, when they launched early in 2018, to see the year out with a bang with a hogmonay wedding, I have been on my own journey with this fantastic venue.

I’ve photographed weddings here in all seasons; from bright and sunny to days when it hasn’t stopped raining, but it never lets me down. Some venues can be dark and difficult to photograph in, particularly on wet days when going outside isn’t an option. At GG’s the vast windows mean there is always an abundance of natural light, and the cosy rustic interiors make for a great backdrop. You also have the beautiful beach just a short drive away, and for those able to get transport up the hill, that makes for a breathtaking location too.

I have photographed some amazing couples over the year, and this is a little nod to them too. I’ve been so happy to have couples willing to brave all weathers to get the wow shot; from beach shoots in the freezing cold to top of the hill shots in gale force conditions (we did one shoot when the ‘beast from the east’ was in full force). I am always so impressed with the bride’s who are willing to sacrifice their perfectly styled hair and brave the conditions with bare arms to get the shot! Also to the couples who trusted me with the more quirky indoor shots in unusual locations like sheds when the weather means outside isn’t an option.

I’m really looking forward to another year photographing weddings in this brilliant venue. Here are a few of my favourite shots.