Fiona and Barry were married at Comlongon Castle, a restored 15th Century Medieval Scottish Castle near Dumfries. I love shooting bridal prep in these historical old buildings, the big old windows provide such beautiful natural light.

This unconventional wedding started with the couple taking a half an hour trip by horse and cart before the ceremony. On their return they followed their guests up for the official ceremony in the ‘Great Hall’ a stunning candlelit medieval room with bright colourful flags hanging from the ceiling. Formal shots of the family and the couple were all taken outside in the stunning gardens before heading inside for food.

After the wedding breakfast there was a second less formal laird’s blessing which was held outside with lots of participation from the guests. The evening finished (for me anyway!) with a wild melee of super-excited children hitting the dance floor.

A brilliant day at a fantastic location and a lovely couple who both made me feel very welcome, Big Congratulations to Fiona & Barry.